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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I Love SAMANTHA NICOLE LUN With everything i got she is my past present and future and i hope i spend every last minute of my lfie with her I LOVE YOU SAMANTHA

Posted at 6:58:17 pm by forbiddenwyte
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
im not sure i think back

i have a question not for u all but for myself i need to really figure it out before i ever think bout going with megan again once and awhile i think im turnin into david simpson using her for sex that's why i felt uncomfortable with her when we went up to fern creek high i felt extremly bad was all happy to go up there then when i saw her i felt like i was using her that's why i felt uncomfortable bt deep down i know i love her but why did i feel like i was using her probally cause we break up so damn much it just feels sometimes like we just get back together then make love then break up that's what it feels like but then again how could i use her when i love her so damn much but i really don't know what to do it pisses me off so i run try to see if i feel the same way with someone else but i know i won't because i know with someone else i would'nt go out with them as much as i have megan because i know i love megan and it deserves another shot at it but neway i need to figure it out before i ever go back out with her

Posted at 2:54:55 pm by forbiddenwyte
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Wonderin why

i knew if i didn't break up with her (megan) i would of ended up cheating on her i lover her but that's more of a reason to avoid cheating on her (Megan, Im truly sry for leaving u it's just i don't wanna cheat on u) i hate cheating don't ever wanna do it again it hurts me more then the person im cheating on then i end up getting somthing like im not good enough for u or that kinda shit . the truth is i can't doubt it i think u r the one but i just wanna make sure i really hope u understand i mean i really wanna see what amanda is like and i could see her everyday to why would'nt i give it a shot u know and im was starting to like her the first time i met her and now it's to the point i want to go with her u know )megan remember when we were at amdas house u could'nt tell i liked her well that's probally why i was so quiet but anyways i know i crush alot but i really need to prove my crushs wrong ur not a crush nemore it's a certain but i want to make sure it is certain not just a a over powered crush well im tired of typin and will and nick r comin ova to get high iight so i'll let u go k

Posted at 10:40:47 am by forbiddenwyte
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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Well What I thought would Happened Happened

I knew it would happen, Joanna is pissed at me im not really a match with megan right now Meggan S is starting to talk to me again that's a good thing at least someone i feel good with is. joanna is really pissed at me she won't call me back everytime i talk to her she hangs up makes an excuse it pisses me off oh well i still love her nothing gonna change it not gonna make nebody make me belive nothing fuck that im tired of belivein other ppl which happen to be rumors

Posted at 8:28:33 pm by forbiddenwyte
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Friday, February 13, 2004
thinkin of someone else

I don't know right now i seem to think of briana alot i have no clue why i'll be doing something and the briana just pops in my mind i don't know i can't think of neone right now nicole pops in to my head every now and then, all i know is when i was going out with briana everything seemed to be good i loved it i was happy briana just makes my world go round im extremly glad i met her if i didn't i'd have no clue where i'd be i mean im able to talk to her about everything and it feels good when i talk to her i would do nething just to get one more shot, just one more shot that's all i ask i mean im bouncing of the walls thinkin bout  her (Briana) i mean why did it have to end i was so happy now im a lil bit in the dumps it's like what the fuck i mean it's funny how good times just fly by and then it seems like you never get enough time to have fun i mean before you know it, it's over i mean right now im listenin to I swear by all 4 one and thinkin bout briana im like why i mean i know that she likes me more as a freind but i wish she liked me more then a freind i just want her to be happy, even if it's not with me and i'd rather have her as a freind then not talk to her at all well im bout to go now iight yall i'll post another later

Posted at 10:40:25 pm by forbiddenwyte
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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Im just glad right now cause igt one that i know i can trust i think ne way at least i hope if u all know what i mean i mean the 10th me and nicole went to mr gatti's it was fun at least i got to see her alone for the first tyme lol ( all i know i can look into her eyes and tell her i love her im not the type that can llok someone's eyes and lie i'd either put my head down are bust out laughin but the laughin part don't really help because if i look into someone's eyes and try to be to serious i burst out laughin ) lol well all i know i truly love nicole but that's i really have to put fo today so im gonna go iight yall

Posted at 9:07:53 pm by forbiddenwyte
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Friday, February 06, 2004

Well i don't really know what to say i haen't written in this in a long tyme alot of shit has happened, Like the 20th of january i regret doin it but i mean i was tempted to all i can say is if i can repeat that day it would'nt have happened i woulda of just pushed her away to begin with are would'nt have gone in the first place because then i had nicole all pissed at me and shit and i don't need that i mean come on nicole is the only one to get from the dumps to a happy mood, wow i just admitted it lol  i keep denyin it but hey and what the fuck i keep hearin kayla still likes me what the fuck i don't really think she did i mean come on dump me like less then a week going out what kinda shit is that but neway im just gonna ignore it cause i have better but im gonna get the fuck outta here

Posted at 10:10:28 am by forbiddenwyte
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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
You Know What Kayla

IM Glad you finally told me  how you feel im hapy to know im not in the middle of a lie nemore well i really don't have much to put in here expect i think ya lead me on but im just gonna forget about it there's otha ppl in the sea (Thanks Briana) so im just gonna say have a good time wit your love life so im just gonna end i out like this

Posted at 12:00:25 pm by forbiddenwyte
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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Im Confused

Im Not even sure if i still go with Kayla but hey i mean Come on i tok it as she dumped me but im not sure because of stuff Briana was tellin me but hey im still kinda like why what the hell i do to get this but i hope it's not real i already know it is but i can always hope my hopes will be shattered soon and i know it, they always are neway so but im gonna go now im gonna go to sleep well not really sleep have  my Cake, Kayla I still Love you even If you don't

Posted at 6:16:27 pm by forbiddenwyte
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So Depressed


What do u mean U Don't KNow im serious god  get my hopes up then crash them it's like what the fuck
i already know u are so im just gonna go and you aren't sry for shit you don't need to be i mean damn you shoulda told me earlier i mean damn im gonna go now ima lil to depressed to type im gonna go to sleep k yall bye

Posted at 12:42:03 pm by forbiddenwyte
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